Lifetime warranty terms & conditions

When paying a premium for professional hand crafted cables you expect them to last. Ordio Cables are so confident in our products and experienced staff we exceed our customers expectations by offering a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. We also believe that when humans make mistakes it’s the honest ones that come forward to make it right.

Every single cable that leaves our workshop is covered by our limited lifetime workmanship warranty. In the unfortunate event of a genuine warranty claim please read our terms and conditions below to understand what is, and what may not be covered within our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.


The manufacturers of the brands we carry and supply provide us (the wholesaler) and you (the customer) the same limited hardware warranty. All materials supplied by the common brands such as CanareMogamiBeldenVan Damme and Klotz all offer a 12 months standard manufactures warranty. Throughout this time if you have any issues that relate to the physical cable, connector or custom shop hardware product you have purchased from us are covered by warranty.

All hardware warranty claims must be made aware to us by phone or email strictly within 12 months from date of purchase. If the cable has been misused or used for any other purpose other than its intended purpose it will not be covered under the manufactures warranty. Cables that are returned to us that show obvious signs of abuse such as; Cut, sliced, excessively twisted, incorrectly rolled or poorly stored cables are typically not covered under warranty. Connectors that appear to be mistreated, snapped, out of shape or discoloured due to being exposed to any form of liquid also not covered under warranty.

All other hardware including patch panels, custom made stage boxes, splitter boxes and multicore products that have been abused way beyond general wear and tear are also not be eligible for repair or replacement under warranty. We encourage all of our customers to carefully inspect all products upon delivery and report any obvious defects prior to using it. The sooner you discover any potential issues the faster we can rapidly repair or replace the item.


The labels we supply either fixed to our cables or supplied separately are excluded from our Lifetime Warranty Terms. The black text on white background labels whether it be a heat shrink, clear plastic sleeve and collar style cable labels are not guaranteed for life or are covered under our hardware or workmanship lifetime warranty. The thermal printer used in the printing of text onto each cable label is not designed to be 100% smudge proof or durable enough for some heavy duty applications. By default, the printer and labels we use are primarily designed for permanent installation applications to identify signal and cable type naming.

We do offer a more durable cable label service yet this is only for customers who are investing in bulk orders, repeat orders and mostly for cables of similar diameter, for example standard video and audio cable types. This is a separate and chargeable service we offer whereby artwork needs to be supplied in the appropriate format and an artwork setup fee is applied per new design. If you have any questions or are interested in doing a test run of labels please contact us.


Cables and custom shop products that fail in anyway due to the slightest workmanship anomaly or human error throughout the assembly process are all covered for life by Ordio Cables. If any of our custom made products at anytime simply stop working or become intermittent or unreliable should be clearly marked as ‘faulty’ and taken out of production immediately. Even if any of our custom made products are showing obvious signs of the slightest malfunction causing doubt or concern in anyway then it is your duty of care to stop working with the product straight away. Ordio Cables will honour all genuine warranty claims for the duration of the cables expected lifespan or, so long as we are trading as Ordio Productions. All warranty claims require proof of purchase in order for us to proceed with any repair or product replacement.


We deserve the right to deny any warranty claim if a cable has been sent back to us that we never made, supplied or repaired. Cables that have been made by us yet returned for warranty will not be covered if any such part of the cable has been modified by a third party technician or by anyone else that claim to be handy with a soldering iron or a pair of side cutters. Custom shop products are not covered by warranty if there is substantial evidence that it has been damaged in transit or whilst in use. We do not offer transit warranty of any kind so please take care of your equipment and you should not need to have it repaired under warranty.

For all warranty claims you are required to cover the shipping costs in returning the item(s) back to us. Ordio Cables will then cover all shipping costs back to you, we will use an overnight express service where possible yet cannot guarantee this service to all zones Australia Wide. Customers located in Sydney are most welcome to come to our workshop whereby an on the spot repair / replacement is only possible pending product stock levels at the time of the claim.

All warranty claims must include a copy of the original purchase or, a bank statement proving the product was purchased from us. We deserve the right to refuse any claim without proof of purchase however customers that have purchased from us previously are of course excused from the rule. Note: All hardware warranty claims must be made aware to us by phone or email strictly within 12 months from date of purchase. please send all items back to the following address:

Ordio Productions
Warranty Claims
PO Box 115 Gymea
NSW 2227