Quick Facts


We are a reputable preferred supplier of Quietspace products yet we no longer carry out onsite installations.


Our experienced staff offer advise on design, product placement and installation tips. We are not acoustic consultants.


Based in NSW we are available by appointment only to provide a one hour product presentation, measure and quote. Fees apply.


Our website is a fully encrypted secure e-commerce store whereby we encourage all orders to be placed online.


Many of our acoustic products can be customised including custom cutting and artwork printing. Contact us to find out more.


Based on volume, we offer fixed discounts for bulk orders yet we will not price match on verbal quotes.

NRC Explained

Noise Reduction Coefficient (commonly abbreviated NRC) is a scalar representation of the amount of sound energy absorbed upon striking a particular surface. The higher the NRC, the better the product is at soaking up sound. The thickness and density of a product are two factors in calculating a Noise Reduction Coefficient. An acoustic product with a .95 NRC rating means that 95% of sound in the space is absorbed, while the other 5% is reflected.

Acoustic Fabric or Pinboard?

Composition Acoustic Fabric is a 10-12mm thick and is purpose built to not only be an effective acoustic wall lining material yet is used in Schools Australia wide as a ready to go pinboard. Composition Acoustic Fabric is also hook & loop friendly.

Mounting Quietspace 3D Acoustic Tiles

Quietspace 3D Acoustic Tiles are most popular in applications where minimal installation and or wall damage is of concern. Each box of tiles comes with 6x transparent wall brackets that seamlessly clip all 6x tiles or more together.

Application Roller

When installing either Composition Acoustic Fabric, Vertiface, Quietspace Panels, Cube, Symphony or Workstation products always use our Application Roller. Available in two models the heavy duty nylon roller head irons out unwanted air bubbles especially on surfaces that are not flat.

Acoustic Treatment or Acoustic Insulation?

Choosing the right acoustic panel type is critical to the overall results to your application. Note that all of our Quietspace Acoustic Panels including Cube are for interior room absorption whereas our AAB insulation material is for in-wall installation application only.

Our Best DIY Installation Product

Schools, universities, corporate meeting spaces, gyms, cafes and anything in between have all benefited from our most favourable DIY product. The Quietspace Acoustic Peel ’n’ Stick Tiles are still today one of our most popular products.