Bahco Insulation Saw


Bahco Insulation Saw is the ultimate hand saw for small to medium acoustic installation projects.

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Bahco Insulation Saw


Clean Cut Minimal Dust Acoustic Panel Handsaw


The Bahco Insulation saw is a true evolution in handsaws! With the special waved toothing of this handsaw it can be used to cut acoustic panels, acoustic fabric, mineral wool, stone wool, EPS and XPS without a problem. Thanks to its long 22” saw blade it can cut through thick piles of insulation wool, while also cutting straighter than other replacement products, like knives.


The Bahco Insulation Saw has a two component handle and a 22” – 550 mm blade with waved toothing and special rust protective sleeve to keep performance high. The wavy toothing can be resharpenable with any regular knife sharpener available.


Ordio Acoustics highly recommend the use of the Bahco Insulation Saw is the perfect cutting tool for many of the Autex Quietspace products we proudly supply. This effectually can replace the need for power tools and track saws for many small to medium sized DIY acoustic installation projects.


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