Autex Cascade Expanding Screen


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Autex Cascade Expanding Acoustic Screen


Autex Cascade Expanding Screen is one of the new range of acoustic hanging screens. Created to easily add a design feature and create a feel of separation or privacy, whilst helping control noise within open plan spaces.


Ordio Productions works closely with a wide array of clients to help them reduce reverberation, echo and delay issues. The Cascade Expansion screens are very popular in open planned offices, corporate environments and smaller public spaces such as libraries and council buildings.


Cascade Screens are made from 12mm Cube acoustic panel matched with Autex’s Frontier channel and suspension system. What makes Cascade unique is the patented designs of both Folding and Expanding screens which pull and push apart to create the pattern without any cut out pieces going to waste. This allows half the material to go twice the distance, continuing our commitment to push innovation while being mindful of the environment.


Open plan environments never need to feel overwhelming as we bring you our most stylish and forward thinking solution to create privacy. Cascade, just like its name suggests, is a collection of acoustic hanging screens that simply fall from the ceiling in unique patterns designed with your privacy in mind.


Cascade Hanging Screens are created using Cube which is a lightweight semi-rigid panel with water-cut patterns allowing line of sight to remain, but with a visual sense of division. Our latest system transforms our sustainable, low VOC Cube sheets into beautiful suspended acoustic screens available in three different styles; Static, Folding and Expanding, all with their own set of patterns to choose from. But don’t let this wide range of solutions halt your creativity, as our design team are on hand to turn any of your ideas into reality.


At the heart of Cascade, just like all our products, is its exceptional acoustic performance. With each style tailored for targeted sound absorption, you can be sure that your offices, meeting areas, breakout spaces and lobbies will feel calm as background chatter melts through each screen.


Better Acoustics With Autex Cascade Hanging Screens


Acoustic absorption in open plan spaces is often forgotten but when properly considered will ensure spaces are fit for purpose and enhance speech intelligibility, increase attention spans and productivity. Cascade Hanging Expanding Screens are the latest addition to our acoustic interiors range. It was created to introduce acoustic absorption whilst providing a means to visually divide a space. Adding Cascade Hanging Screens increases the surface area of absorptive material in turn reducing sound reflections and background chatter. Cascade by Autex fuses great design with excellent acoustic performance, enhancing the way we live, work and play within our built environment.


Cascade Expanding Screen Colour Options





  • Product Name: CascadeTM
  • Composition Panel: 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
  • Screen Dimensions: 1200mm x 2400mm
  • Thickness: 12mm




  • 2x Cascade Expanding Screens
  • 2x Frontier Channels
  • 4x Ceiling Connectors
  • 4x 1m Wires
  • 4x Autex Suspension Sliders

Cascade is suitable for indoor use only.



(Conducted on 12mm CubeTM)


ISO 9705: 1993


  • Classification: Group 1-S
  • Smoke Production Rate: <5.0m2/s
  • As required by NZBC C/VM2


AS ISO 9705 – 2003


  • Australian Group Number: Group 1
  • SMOGRARC: less than 100m2/s2
  • Tested in accordance with AS5637.1:2015 as required by BCA C1.10.




  • B – s2, d2
  • WF 336911 dated 25th February, 2014


ASTM E-84-14


  • Class A, FS:0 – SD:45
  • RJ4479-2 dated 25th January, 2015




  • Polyester fibre when exposed to an atmosphere of 50 ̊C at 90% relative humidity for four daysshowed moisture absorption of less than 0.03% by weight.
  • Polyester is not affected by moisture, mould or mildew and will not rot or deteriorate in intended use situations.