Acoustic Fabric Application Roller


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Acoustic Fabric Application Roller


The ‘Allen Key’ of all installations is our very popular Acoustic Fabric Application Roller. This tool would be regarded as the essential must have tool when embarking on any small to medium size installation when using Vertiface, Acoustic Fabric or Symphony products.


Acoustic Fabric Application Roller Installation Tips


After you have applied the acoustic fabric to the wall or surface, ensure that the material is dead straight and the adhesive is in the mid-stage of setting. Then, simply apply a moderate or hard amount pressure to the roller via the front and rear handle grips and ensure that you roll over every square metre at least twice.


Whilst working from the middle section outwards, be mindful of your edges whereby this is where any air bubbles that are trapped are properly massaged out by applying an angled level of force via the edge of the  nylon rolling head.


The Acoustic Fabric Application Roller is the most cost effective tool to use when installing most acoustic fabric products yet is can also be used on the Quietspace Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles. For larger jobs we recommend the Acoustic Panel Steam Roller tool which is much larger, heavier and more suited for our 2400mm x 1200mm Quietspace Panels and Cube products.

  • „Ideal for all Acoustic Fabric Products
  • Made From High Quality Materials
  • Makes Installation Easier