About Ordio Acoustics
Ordio Acoustics is one of Australia’s leading online suppliers of interior Acoustic Treatment products.

About Us

Ordio Acoustics is one of Australia’s leading online suppliers of interior Acoustic Treatment products. We are proudly Australian owned and operated. As an online business only we focus on delivering quality materials at competitive prices backed up with our excellent customer service.

We work exclusively with Autex Industries to provide world-class acoustic solutions directly to end-users, design & construct companies, interior designers, installers and resellers. In NSW we are a trusted vendor for the ED-Connect program.

Our team have extensive experience in sound production, technical operation, sales and installation. As a long term authorised dealer of Autex Quietspace products we are forever grateful for our respected position in this industry. We take great pride in representing the brands we promote.

Many of our loyal customers have been with us for ten years or more. Our consistency and ability to react quickly is what keeps them coming back. Ordio Acoustics are highly regarded as the number one supplier of Autex acoustics since 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

After years of responding to new enquires and giving advice, we may have been asked everything one could ask about acoustic treatment. Allow us to share some common FAQ’s below to assist in your approach to getting started.

This all depends on the room size and its purpose. Ideally, if you are wanting to achieve the maximum amount of sound absorption, the more acoustic treatment you install the better the results.

We always recommend that you start by measuring each 'available' surface area in square metres. Calculate the 'total' surface area vs the coverage per panel, per tile or per metre of fabric for example.

Based on the hypothetical scenario of achieving maximum sound absorption, set a budget for the project. We can then work with you and guide you as to which product(s) will be best suited for your rooms purpose and overall budget.

Also, consider that there is such a thing as 'too much treatment'. In some cases, you can overdo it and over saturate a room with more acoustic treatment that what might be required. This can result in a very 'DEAD" sounding space that can be a little uncomfortable to work in every day.

Some rooms still need to have a certain amount of 'ambience' or natural life post-treatment installation, this all depends on the room type and what it is used for. However, in most cases, there will also be an absolute minimum amount of materials required to start taking effect within your space.

In short, no, none of the products we offer is designed to combat noisy neighbours or manage environmental noise. All of the acoustic products we offer are solely designed for interior applications only.

Installing panels or tiles within an enclosed space will reduce the reverberation and reflections 'within' that space only. Will it block out any noise from the room right next door? that all depends on the product type and volume of noise being generated and then transferred.

However, blocking out noise from an external building, street or traffic noise or simply from other rooms within the same building is a completely different level of acoustic management. This is something that our interior products are not designed to do.

We suggest that you speak to us first just yet also consider appointing an acoustician and a builder about your available options. In some cases this can realist in changing the structural design of your house, office or building.

Remember that sound can travel through walls, air-conditioning ducting, windows, pipes, doors, vents, ceilings and even cement. Addresses the walls only will not be the end of your acoustic issues.

If you are planning on vacating the space in question shortly after installing any product that is designed to be permanently fixed, be prepared for what could end up being a costly clean up prior to relocating.

Acoustic materials that are fixed to any surface via contact adhesive will be able to be removed. However, the process of removing any product from any wall or ceiling substrate will need to be repaired and repainted.

There are ways around this, for example fixing an acoustic panel to a custom trimmed backing board such as 9mm plywood, this way you can then screw the panels into the wall studs. This will result in a much cleaner decommissioning process. However, we don't ever recommend the use of hook & loop style products or adhesive tape to secure any product to any surface.

Whilst we cannot speak for cheap imported products when it comes to buying anything of quality you always get what you paid for.

We don't brand bash other products yet we can only provide you with professional advice based on the products we support and proudly promote knowing that they work when installed properly.

Yes, and no. Our Quietspace panels, cube and Horizon products can be glued to ceilings with the correct adhesive, rigging kits or fixing screws.

However, some wall tiles with wall brackets are not designed to be used for ceiling applications. Always consult us before buying anything from our website first.

Note that you have a legal obligation to correctly install any product on a ceiling surface with the approved adhesives for each product type. Ordio Acoustics is not responsible for any product that is incorrectly mounted or installed on any surface.

Yes, the Autex Quiestpace 3D tiles are designed to mount to the wall via a lightweight and removable bracket that can be used time and time again providing you are careful each time you relocate them.

General Advice

Many products we sell are easy to self install and come with step by step instructions. Some require experienced installers with the right tools. To avoid any confusion, we are here to assist and go above and beyond for our customers.

We support Autex, they support us, you buy from us and we will both support you. Acoustic Treatment is not something you want to cut costs or corners on.

Each product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and carries a Manufacturer’s Guarantee for a period of no less than ten years to meet all of the performance properties stated within their guarantee policy.

Rest assured, there is no Snake-Oil Syndrome with the genuine products we proudly support. Good quality acoustic materials come at a price unlike 'foam' or egg cartons.

As simple as this may sound, The classic clap test is although inaccurate on paper, it can be a friendly audible guide to hearing the amount of reverberation bouncing around a room.

Professional sound level metres with accurate class 1 microphones are designed to conduct what is called an RT60 acoustic reading. This is the most common test conducted by trained acousticians to measure reverberation time.

Reverberation time is a measure of the time required for reflecting sound to "fade away" in an enclosed area after the source of the sound has stopped.

Many people assume that acoustic treatment is only meant to be installed on the walls. What if three out of the four walls are occupied with windows or are covered wall to wall with artwork, prints or mirrors.

You have very little choice then but to treat the ceiling. Our panels and baffles are the best solutions for ceilings. We advise you to talk to us and upload photos of your room so we can assist you in providing you with the right product for your ceiling application.

Not everyone has the money to invest big on expensive panels, tiles and baffles straight up. We strongly encourage anyone with a limited budget to plan for a future proof design.

For example, a home theatre may ultimately require a number of panels, ceiling baffles and acoustic fabric.  If you start off with a moderate amount of what is required, you can strategically place the treatment around the room leaving enough space for additional products later.

We can guide you with the placement of the materials to ensure that you are addressing the most problematic areas first. This way the future proof design allows you to budget for the additions over time.

In many educational environments pinboards, noticeboards and creative spaces require a dedicated wall within the room. Our Acoustic Fabric (Composition) is not just a fantastic solution for absorbing sound, it is also our most popular pinboard material.

However, our Vertiface material gives the freedom of a cost-effective wall lining solution that is most ideal for Velcro Hook & Loop applications.

All of of our Quietspace panels (with Vertiface) are also multipurpose that offer superior acoustic performance yet can also be used for pinboard/noticeboard applications as well.

Thinking of installing Vertiface, Composition or Symphony?

In addition to using the recommended adhesive, we cannot stress enough the importance of using the suggested application roller. It is used to correctly flatten and iron out any potential air bubbles that are very common when lining the walls. Not only that but it is the best way to also evenly disburse the contact adhesive to all edges of the fabric.

Don't cut corners with the correct installation process of installing our fabric products. The application roller will save you every time.