Acoustic Wall Panels

Ordio Acoustics specialises in Acoustic Wall Panels for music production studios, theatres, schools auditoriums, restaurants, libraries and corporate environments. Our extensive range of Quietspace Acoustic Wall Panels are specifically designed to reduce reverb, echo and common room reflections.


All of the Quietspace acoustic products we offer have been specifically designed to absorb the majority of problematic frequencies present in any room containing hard surfaces and heigh ceilings. Typically, many buildings are built lacking adequate soft materials or designed with no acoustic treatment in mind. We offer a multitude of Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Tiles, Fabrics and Ceiling Baffles, suitable for almost any application.


Acoustic Wall Panels and stylish tiles are the most popular solution for many of our customers, however there are a number of custom options we can offer that exceed the look and performance of our off the shelf products. Redefine your listening work space with our extensive range of Quietspace acoustic products. Our team are trained to guide our customers and offer the best possible solution for your unique application. 

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